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2024 Ford Explorer Model Review

The 2024 Ford Explorer presents itself as a versatile SUV tailored for families, offering the necessary blend of performance, elegance, and comfort. This year, Ford has opted to discontinue the hybrid powertrain option for the Explorer, though drivers still have a choice between two turbocharged engines that prioritize efficiency for their daily travels.

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A Closer Look at Ford Safety Features for 2024

Like many drivers, your primary concern is reaching your destination safely, whether it's work, school, or any other place. Ford's century-long reputation as a leading brand is partly due to its unwavering commitment to safety. Each Ford vehicle is equipped with a range of safety features, ensuring your protection and delivering optimal value for your investment.

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Ford Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

PHEV is an acronym for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, catering to those transitioning from traditional gas and diesel cars but not fully ready for an all-electric vehicle. HEV stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle, featuring both a gas engine and a battery. Unlike PHEVs, HEVs don't require plugging in for charging. The gas engine often runs, and the battery recharges through regenerative braking.

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